If you’d like to play here please email mt@unioncoffeehouse.com
We only have music on Sunday afternoon’s at 2pm, and run two sessions a year: Winter and Fall.
We have a decent sound system for a small, live room. 30 people packs this place.
We pass the Tip Jar and encourage people to add $ to it.
Musicians can have anything from our beverage bar for free but we can’t comp food. Overall, we try to make it a worthwhile experience for everyone, musicians included.

Original music only. No covers. Load in/sound check by 1:30, show starts at 2pm Michigan time.. A show here is anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the artist. Play your best original stuff, and stop. :-)

Music Policy
The Union Coffee House is dedicated to providing a venue for original acoustic music. No ‘covers’ are allowed here, which means that the artists that perform here may only play their own compositions, and not songs created and copyrighted by anyone else, unless, of course, the song is in the Public Domain.

The Union Coffee House does not pay license fees to any Performing Rights Organization (PRO) at this time, including BMI, ASCAP or SESAC. We respect the good work they do on behalf of the artists affiliated with them.

It is our understanding that a songwriter may perform his/her copyrighted work wherever they so choose. We wish to make it perfectly clear that by performing here the artist is granting the audience the right to listen to his/her music in return for what we all hope are a generous amount of tips and sales. There will be no further compensation from any performance rights agency for this performance.

Union Coffee House 115 E Front Street, Buchanan, MI unioncoffeehouse.com 269.409.7004